Tech Valley Technologies, Inc. (TVT) is a woman-owned small business (WOSB) specializing in technology research and manufacturing for the U.S. Military and law enforcement agencies. Taking into consideration the military’s range modernization efforts across the U.S. and internationally, TVT has quickly become a market leader through development of reactive targetry that allows for precision scoring in simulated real world environments. Our targets allow shooters to train via real-world scenarios that provide enhanced learning and save soldiers’ lives. TVT’s technologies are directly applicable to current and future military training requirements. 

The face of battle has changed in recent years. War is being waged not on battlefields, but within cities and villages – involving soldiers and civilians. TVT is on the forefront of product development in response to this new reality. Our company brings a realistic approach to training via TVT’s thermal targets, providing realistic temperature signatures that are identical to that of humans, armored vehicles, and civilian vehicles. In addition, our target images – friend, foe, and neutral – help train warfighters to make instant ‘shoot/don’t shoot’ decisions during the heat of combat.

TVT product development has evolved to include precision scoring targets. Our Human Interactive Target System (HITS) is a live fire manikin that accurately differentiates between mortal and non-lethal hits while presenting user defined behaviors commensurate with target engagement results. Unlike static manikins, the HITS manikin is motorized and collapses upon itself and can be remotely re-raised, making our technology realistic and well suited for MOUT and shoot house environments. 

Looking to the near future, TVT has partnered with large defense contractors on several military contracts to provide targetry for the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, Special Forces, and related customers. In addition, TVT has been working directly with the U.S. Navy on the development of a manikin target to be utilized on personal watercraft and/or boats in various escalation of force training scenarios. TVT is working with officials within the U.S. Military to assist in the development of additional technologies to meet future training requirements as outlined in the U.S. Army’s Strategic Plan through 2017.

As we gain market share and solidify product positioning across the customer base, TVT will strive to continue focusing on superior customer service and technical support. We are excited about the future and the opportunities it will bring as we work with our partners to provide realistic training for our soldiers and law enforcement officials.