VCID (Vehicle Combat Identification Targets)

TVT has developed full sized, multi spectrum vehicle combat ID targets (VCID) that replicate enemy and friendly armored vehicles. These targets also fulfill a recent training doctrine to develop the ability of warfighters to differentiate and identify enemy vehicles from friendly vehicles based on the thermal signature. These targets will be used by helicopter and tank gunnery, as well as ground forces.

Performance Specs

  • Extremely durable - constructed of semi self-healing materials
  • No center mass power buss bars means no premature failure
  • Capable of withstanding thousands of hits by small arms fire
  • 3 inch wide power buss bars capable of withstanding concentrated fire


  • Accurate replication of vehicle thermal signatures
  • Perfect for moving targets
  • Panelized design allows for replacement of individual panels as required
  • Available in front view and flank view of any vehicle