ICID (Infantry Combat Identification Targets)

TVT’s Infantry Combat ID targets enable advanced training through target assessment prior to engagement. Each target, enemy, civilian unarmed, and US/Coalition, provides a unique and easily recognizable signature visible in three spectrums – naked eye, amplified light () and thermal.

Performance Specs

  • Extremely durable - Field tested by U.S. Army to withstand more than 1600 rounds and continue to maintain its signature in all three spectrums
  • Constructed of the highest quality materials, field tested for durability in all environments
  • Exceptionally low power consumption in both AC and DC versions
  • Available in 110 VAC, 24 VDC and 12 VDC
  • Received EXCELLENT rating by TACOM for durability
  • Thermal Signature - Head 20F above ambient; Body 10F above ambient


  • 3D Target design for high wind and high heat environments
  • Excellent thermal performance in extreme cold and high heat environments
  • Realistic thermal signature provides differentiation of Enemy, Friend, or Civilian for threat assessment prior to engagement
  • Wire Harness included: 6ft. with plug for AC or ring terminals for DC