SAT/MAT (Thermal Armor Blanket Targets)

Tech Valley Technologies’ thermal blankets are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigorous duty of tank and aerial gunnery platforms. Our premium blankets feature 3” power buss bars, capable of withstanding multiple hits from large caliber weapons. Additionally, there are no center mass power buss bars as with our competitors, making TVT’s thermal blankets the most durable and best value available.

CAUTION:  Tech Valley Technologies’ Gradient Temperature Thermal (GTT) Panels are designed to provide a realistic thermal signature. These panels are designed to be placed directly on standard targets. If the decision has been made to utilize locally manufactured Heating Tables (Not Recommended), then TVT recommends our Regular Temperature Thermal Panels which provide a 30 degree above ambient temperature, thermal signature. When GTT 120H (Hot) or GTT120SH (Super Hot) targets are used in conjunction with a Heating Table, a thermo coupler must be placed in line to prevent thermo overload when the target is in a position that limits the airflow over the panels.

While TVT has successfully tested both solutions, our tests confirm that the GTT Regular Panels provide the thermal signature needed for the current thermal optics fielded.  

TVT cannot be held responsible for the various environmental factors that could affect the results of our tests.



Performance Specs

  • Constructed of semi self-healing materials and will not crack or shatter when hit
  • Heavy Duty - Capable of withstanding high wind environments
  • Available in Premium - for the most rigorous environments where long lasting durability is required
  • Available in Standard - for small arms ranges but where durability is still required
  • Available in three temperatures: Regular Temp - 25 - 30 degrees F above ambient, Hot Temp - 50 - 60 degrees F above ambient, Super-Hot Temp - 80 - 90 degrees F above ambient (for extreme cold environments)
  • Extremely durable-3in power buss bars for sustained large caliber fire without loss of power (Premium)
  • Extremely durable-1in power buss bars for sustained fire without loss of power (Standard)


  • No center power buss means no single point of failure
  • Heavy duty - designed to be a target, not a floor heater
  • Available in Hulls, Tracks, Engines, Wheels, & Turrets
  • Available in sizes from 12in.x12in. to 24in.xlength you need