UTS (Urban Target System)

The Urban Target System – Mil Sims (UTS Mil Sims) is a programmable contact based target scoring system for non-lethal munitions that accurately scores the Location-of-Hit and differentiates between mortal and non-mortal hits, while presenting user defined behaviors commensurate with the engagement results.® UTS-Mil Sims is designed for MOUTs, shoot houses and other CQT facilities wherever Simunition, UTM, paintball and AirSoft is used.

Performance Specs

  • Define required hits within a defined kill zone before a kill is scored.
  • Command the target to drop then re-raise when hit outside the kill zone
  • Choose from several pre-programmed kill zones to increase marksmanship skills.
  • Actuate shoot back device if a kill is not scored, or if the target is not engaged within a specified time period.
  • Create or modify scenarios quickly and on the fly.


  • Scores hits within .001 Seconds
  • Accurate to within 0.15 inches
  • Able to capture bursts
  • Tracks proficiency over time
  • 3D Target design
  • Transmits data via Wifi, Serial or Ethernet
  • Control up to 254 targets on one system
  • Runs off AC or DC power
  • FASIT Compliant