MLFTS (Multi-Purpose Live Fire Target System)

The Multipurpose Live Fire Target System (MLFTS) is a programmable contact based target scoring system for Live Fire that accurately differentiates between mortal and non-mortal hits while presenting user defined behaviors commensurate with the engagement results. MLFTS is designed for indoor ranges, MOUT facilities, shoot houses, sniper ranges or any other live fire range where the need to differentiate kill shots is required.

The MLFTS utilizes TVT’s patented resistive matrix technology to accurately score kill/non-kill rounds of any caliber and any velocity. There are no troublesome sensors or high maintenance components. When the overlay has been depleted it is simply replaced.

The software system allows range control to monitor action in real- time as well as providing detailed AAR. A wide range of military and law enforcement related photorealistic image overlays are available to increase realism.


Performance Specs

  • Required hits within the kill zone before a kill is scored.
  • Command the target to drop then re-raise when hit outside the kill zone.
  • Actuate shoot back device if a kill is not scored,or if the target is not engaged within a specified time period.


  • Scores hits within .001 Seconds
  • Accurate to within .15 inches
  • Able to capture bursts
  • Tracks proficiency over time
  • Available for 3D or E silhouettes
  • Transmits data via WIFI, serial or Ethernet
  • Control up to 254 targets on one system
  • Runs on AC or DC power
  • FASIT Compliant