HITS (Human Interactive Target System)

The Human Interactive Target System (HITS) is a programmable contact based mannequin target scoring system for live fire that accurately scores and differentiates between mortal and non-mortal hits while presenting user defined behaviors commensurate with the engagement results. The HITS mannequin collapses in a vertical position when hit, providing instant feedback to the shooter while allowing for placement behind cover and in tight quarters.

Performance Specs

  • Hit Sensing .001 seconds acquisition
  • Environmental Capabilities: MIL STD 810G compliant
  • FASIT compliant, UOTS defined
  • Power Supply: AC Power 115 VAC, 230 VAC, 56/60 Hz


  • Actuations & Hit Modes: Expose, Conceal, Non-Lethal Hit Bob, Lethal Hit Collapse
  • Variable Hit Sensitivity Remotely Adjustable from 1-200 hits
  • Expose/Conceal Time programmable up to 9 seconds
  • Certified above 100,000 cycles
  • Live Fire tested for 223 (5.56), 308 (7.62) and .50 cal engagements
  • Communications Systems: TVT control software uses WIFI or Ethernet connections
  • Target Size: Human Type Target, 3D mannequin
  • Dimensions-Target Upright with Lifter: 73in.Hx22in.Wx29in.L
  • Dimensions-Target Collapsed with Lifter: 29in.Hx22in.Wx38in.L
  • Target Weight with lifter: 120 pounds
  • One man portable: target/lifter has wheels and luggage handle
  • Manuals and schematics provided
  • Options: Motion sensors shoot back integration system